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As technology becomes bigger, better, and more complex, we thought we would update a previous blog from 3 years ago on how IT managers are faced with a number of growing concerns that can interrupt their sleep at night. Many managers are left tossing and turning wondering how they will solve tomorrow’s issues today with the little resource they have available to them. While 2018 brings plenty of new and exciting changes for IT managers to dig their hands into, it also is wrought with issues that can make for a sleepless night. Here are the top issues that are keeping IT managers up at night in 2018, and some ways to alleviate them, so you can finally get that much-needed good night’s rest.

An Economy Slowdown

While all systems seem to be on go at this point in the economy, there is always a fear that the market will take an unexpected dip and refrain back to the notorious low levels we saw in 2008. With little control over how the economy responds to international woes and threats overseas, it can make it a difficult job for IT managers to strategize and plan for the future without accurately knowing how flush the market will be in the coming years. Proceed with caution as you procure and implement costly new technologies into your business. Long gone are the heydays of the ‘80s when companies could spend with abandonment with little concern about the future market potential. Add technologies that make sense and can help your company do more with less and still grow revenue in the process.

New And Changing Regulations

Alas, the laws and regulations for business are changing. With the push towards net neutrality and regulations governing how your business operates in the e-commerce space, it can be exhausting to keep up. These new and changing regulations can make the role of an IT manager more challenging as you are tasked with understanding and identifying how your business is affected. Keep yourself educated and involved in e-commerce, internet protocol, and technology advancements. Staying on top of these ideas can make it easier for you to see what is on the horizon in terms of regulations and allow you to predict the effects on your company before they hit without warning.

Boosting Revenue

As an IT manager, you are not immune from helping your business boost its revenue. Your role is to integrate technologies that improve the bottom line and increase the customer experience at every fold. Take the initiative to show your company ways to become more effective, efficient, and bold in its sales endeavors. Only when you take the lead will you be able to help your business realize its goals to grow in the marketplace without any risk associated with the adoption of new technologies or equipment. Being proactive in this realm can minimize your sleepless nights as an IT manager and allow you to see the opportunities ahead.

Employee Retention

One of the hardest jobs of an IT manager is finding and keeping good employees. It is an arduous task to hire job candidates, train them and then lose them after you have made a significant investment into them. Keeping your tech team happy is a big part of ensuring your employees stay and that you are able to attract even more new hires to your company without delay. Worrying about whether your staff will stay or go can make for many sleepless nights unless you take the steps now to minimize their desire to exit without warning. Reward, appreciate, and get to know your tech team. This can go a long way in ensuring you are able to retain them into the future.


If last year was any indicator of what is to come for cybersecurity attacks, 2018 has a lot to be vigilant about. With record numbers of cyberattacks on customers’ personal information, company’s today are taking stock of the potential risk of a cyberattack on their operations. As an IT manager, this is a serious issue that you need to contend with daily as you look for any possible areas where your customers’ information could be exposed and cause you to be at the mercy of would-be predators. Reduce the worry of a cyber attack by accessing your company’s cybersecurity protocol now. Find your vulnerabilities and look for ways to enhance the cybersecurity of your customers’ data to ensure you don’t become a victim of one of the cyberattacks that are sure to follow in 2018.

While these IT issues may keep you up at night, there are ways that you can reduce your nighttime stresses. Be accountable for the challenges that come your way and take action now on the problems that are causing your business strain. For immediate IT assistance for your company, you can contact Resolute Technologies to help. We have an experienced team of consultants on hand to assist you with your IT requirements, and we can help you get a little more sleep each night by helping you solve the issues your company is faced with today as well as tomorrow. Contact us today!

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