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The economy is on the rise, and the supply chain is thriving. The process of producing products that consumers demand and the distribution of moving them from one part of the country to the other is not only complex but it involves dedicated logistics to make it happen.

In essence, the supply chain moves at a rapid pace. All the moving pieces fit seamlessly together to ensure that you have access to the consumables that make life easier and more functional. As the supply chain continues to advance, there are a set of trends coming to the forefront, and you need to be aware of how they will affect your business now and into the future.

Driver Shortages

With the unemployment at an all-time low, truck drivers are in big demand. The supply chain is growing but the available drivers to get these goods to the right location is lacking. Many companies are faced with decisions as to how to manage the driver shortage. Higher wages may be an answer to attract the necessary talent, but many businesses are reluctant to enact the change. Without the required drivers to move products, the supply chain could be interrupted and not as efficient as it possibly could be.

New Trade Tariffs

The newly enacted tariffs may make it more challenging for businesses to supply foreign markets with products as they previously were able to. Taxes on steel can affect many manufacturers in the supply chain, and the fall out has yet to be seen. More tariffs may be in the pipeline, and U.S. companies may feel the pressure to look elsewhere to produce their products. As these woes create some difficulty for many business operations, the supply chain may feel the effects of these tariffs and cause shortages on products that were readily available before.

Integrated Technology

Technology continues to make its way into the supply chain. From artificial intelligence advances to the introduction of blockchain and Big Data, there is no shortage of the assistance this technology can offer. For supply chain managers, these means a ramp up period for employees to get acclimated to the new tech offering. While there could be some downtime, the results of adding the advancements to your business could mean more streamlined operations that make transactions more transparent, accurate, and easier to obtain.

Drones And Wearables

Furthering the technology front in the supply chain is the introduction of drones and wearable technologies. These tech offering will make supply chain deliveries quicker and more efficient as drivers are able to access orders through smart glasses and use drones to take over the entire delivery process. The need to automate the supply chain is there, and technologies such as these can offer your business a way to improve the distribution system.

Improved Performance

The pressure is on to provide customers with a better experience in purchasing the goods they need. Amazon has raised the bar for many producers and companies are scrambling to keep up with the giant e-commerce retailer. As Amazon continues to enhance its relationship with customers, businesses need to be nimbler in their attempts to provide similar (if not better) services than Amazon. Brick and mortar stores are going to the wayside as logistic companies find that they need to increase their flexibility to keep up and compete.

More Personalized Deliveries

As the supply chain is pushed to the max, alternative ways to provide products to the consumers that need them are being explored by businesses. The ability to have employees that deliver goods directly to the consumer in their own personal vehicle is on the rise. While the model has worked for rideshare companies such as Uber and Lyft, the adoption of the idea is coming directly to the supply chain industry, and the next delivery you receive may arrive in a personal vehicle rather than a company truck.

As the supply continues to expand and grow, trends in technology and performance will continue to evolve. Issues such as driver shortages will provide a stopping block that companies need to contend with to ensure a constant flow in the distribution process. When you are in need of help with the new demands of the supply chain, contact Resolute Technologies. We are ready to assist you and provide you the solutions you need to help your business meet these future supply chain trends. Contact us today!

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