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If your business is experiencing a massive departure of good employees, it is time to reevaluate the reasons that your company can’t retain the talent that you have hired. There are several reasons employees make a mass exodus that you may be ignoring, and without addressing these concerns now, you’ll continue to feel the pinch of losing those that you have invested your time and training in.

No Appreciation

Good employees want to feel appreciated for the hard work that they do, and when they aren’t getting thanks for their efforts, it can leave a sour taste in their mouth that can cause them to jump ship. Take the time to show some appreciation for a job well done and honor those employees that add value to your business.

Long Hours And Heavy Workloads

When your employees are overworked, they can easily become burned out. They no longer look forward to coming to work, and the responsibilities that they have can seem overwhelming. Look at whether your employees are comfortable in their roles and if they are biting off more than they can chew. By identifying ways to reduce workloads, you can help your employees’ performance improve and decrease the amount of stress they are feeling on a day-to-day basis.

Failure To Communicate

As a manager, you need to develop ways to communicate with all your employees. When workers feel like they can’t openly talk with you or are receiving mixed messages about the way to do their job, they can become frustrated and want to leave. Create an open-door policy and make the time to get to know your employees on a personal level. This can go a long way in ensuring that they are happy with the position that they have and with you as a boss.

Failed Promises

It can be tempting to promise employees advancements and opportunity in their career, but this often is based on their ability and the health of the company. When you make these promises and fail to follow through, your employees can become grudgeful and hurt by the lack of return from the company. Don’t make statements to your employees that you know will never come to fruition. Dangling the carrot in front of them can cause them to get fed up and leave without warning. Follow-through on everything that you commit to and make sure to provide concessions when necessary if you can’t make good on a promise.

No Career Opportunity

Every employee looks to succeed in their role with a company and wants ways to advance their career as part of this success. If your employee has hit a glass ceiling that is preventing them from taking the next step, they may feel that they would be better served by another employer. Look for ways to increase their responsibilities, examine your organizational structure, and allow your employees to get the most value out of a career with your company. This will prevent them from looking for new opportunities when they are able to spread their wings right where they are now.

Passed Over For Promotions

It can be a tough decision for any boss to offer a promotion to only one employee. Other workers can be resentful and feel like they were overlooked for a job that they were more than qualified for. While it is your responsibility as a manager to make sure that your team is fairly rewarded and move up through the ranks, be aware of when this will cause a rife in your team. Be judicial in who you choose for promotion and make the playing field level for all that want to apply. Employees that see you acting fairly and basing your decisions on merit rather than like will be more apt to respect your choice and stick with you for the next round of advancements. 

Unchallenging Responsibilities

Keeping your employees motivated is a difficulty that every company faces. Your staff needs to continually be fulfilled by their responsibilities and find the work challenging at all times. Don’t be afraid to look at ways to allow your employees to explore their creative side and take the initiative when warranted. Encourage your employees to share new ideas and give them the reigns to run with a project that they feel passionate about.

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