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Attracting top talent to your business is becoming more of a challenge as job seekers have choices in where they apply and accept a position for hire. Garnering the attention of a job seeker takes more effort from recruiters and businesses alike, and these tips can help you gain the interest of candidates with top skills and experience to your company.

Show The Impact Of Your Brand

Every job candidate is looking for a top company to advance their career with, and it is up to you to show them that yours is one of the very best. Let job seekers need to know the story of your brand and the opportunity working for your company holds. The more you can entice them into checking your business out the more potential there is for them to apply and accept a job with your company.

Highlight Your Business Strengths

There are certainly areas of your business that outshine your competition, and you need to make these abundantly clear with prospective new hires. Don’t be afraid to boast about what makes your business unique and allow job candidates to see the benefit of working for a company that is solid and fortified in the industry. Highlight your business strengths and let them be known by each candidate that you come in contact with. This can spark the desire within a job seeker to work for your business and make them a loyal employee for life.

Show Flexibility In Your Benefits

Job seekers are particularly attracted to bountiful benefits from companies that can help them have a stronger work-life balance. Showing your new hires that you have flexibility in your operating hours, vacations time, and personal time can be appealing to the busy life of a professional. Knowing that they can step away from work if needed without penalty can help sway a candidate to your company with a perk that they desire.

Watch For Downsizing At Enterprise Firms

Capturing top talent from companies that are in a downsizing mode can prove to be advantageous to your business. Not only are you getting candidates that are highly trained and experienced, but they may be open to working for a business that doesn’t pose a risk to their career moving forward. Watch for signs that your competitor or a big name in the industry is laying off and reach out to these employees for a potential job match.

Shout The Advantages Of Working At Your Company

Your business may not be the biggest brand in the industry, but it doesn’t mean that you don’t offer a work environment that employees can thrive in. Have your current staff provide testimonials on what they like about working at your company and promote these stories with potential job seekers. A new candidate will be influenced by hearing the good word of other employees, and you just may hit on a particular element that they are looking for in their new role.

Utilize New Platforms To Reach Candidates

When you are looking to reach new and especially younger job seekers,  think outside the box in how you make your job posts visible to them. Use social media platforms to reach Millennials and Gen Z candidates. Try new job boards where your potential industry spends their time searching for positions. Don’t forget about LinkedIn as professional networking source and try to get recommendations from other employees that you respect their input on a potentially good hire to make.

Be Effective In Your Interview Process

All too often a job candidate is turned off from a business just with the interview process. If you don’t do your part to sell your company to a potential new hire, you can’t expect them to be enamored with what you do. The interview process is your time to find out about the interviewee as well as let them know all the reasons that they need to join your team. Be persuasive and show them all that they can gain in their career by coming aboard your company.

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