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If you have recently graduated from college with a degree in a STEM field, this is a time of great excitement and great anxiety. The freedom and sense of possibility you are feeling are only matched by your worry over finding a job, paying down your loans, and starting your career journey off on the right foot. Below, we’ve gathered together some advice from tech veterans to help you thrive in the period right after graduation.

Utilize Social Media

Social media offers you a unique opportunity to be proactive about your job search. Start by filling out every section of your LinkedIn page and giving the rest of your online profiles a professional makeover. Then, start forming connections with companies that interest you and thought leaders in your industry. As you begin to establish yourself, you will hear about vacancies faster and gain valuable introductions to hiring managers.

Do Your Research

Before applying to any job, research the company as thoroughly as possible. First, you need to determine if it is a company you actually want to work for, so try to get a sense of their company culture, the kinds of projects they are working on, and their plans for the future. If it interests you, continue your research to figure out how you can uniquely add value as an employee. Then use this research to fine tune your resume, cover letter, and interview answers by matching your skills to the characteristics of the company.

Be Strategically Selective

Right out of college it can be tempting to jump at the first job offer that comes your way. But if this offer doesn’t fit into your career plans or asks you to utilize the weakest parts of your skill set, it is probably not the right fit over the long term. Making this kind of selectivity work in your favor requires balance because you can’t expect to get your dream job right out of the gate. Just be aware of what you really want out of your career, and don’t hesitate to make those things a priority early.

Prepare for Technical Interviews

As someone entering a technology field, you will probably be subjected to a technical interview. Depending on your field, you will be asked to demonstrate your actual on-the-job skills through either a pre-interview evaluation or an assignment during the interview. Your performance at this stage matters a lot, so make sure you have the fundamentals down and can deal with the stress of being put on the spot.

One final piece of advice to consider is to partner with a specialized staffing firm. They can connect you with interested employers faster and have resources specifically designed for job seekers in the early stages of their career. Discover all that a staffing partner can offer by contacting Resolute Technologies today.

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