Help with your mission critical IT initiative is a phone call away.

Since 1998, Resolute has provided technical industry experts to fortune 500 and small business alike throughout the country.

Leverage the network we’ve developed across our 20+ years of experience as business technology practitioners to dynamically scale your highly-skilled information technology workforce to meet ever-changing business demands.

We specialize in information technology and our only job is to ensure your success! We search, network, and constantly meet with talented individuals in various technology fields.

We interview and get to know our candidates’ career aspirations, portfolio of work, and personalities. We do a better job of matching when we know our candidates well. We keep in contact with our candidates and have been called “a breath of fresh air” to work with.

The benefits of partnering with us:

  • Rapid response time – We work proactively to ensure a quick turnaround meeting your business priorities.
  • Technically qualified candidates/consultants – Our consultants are experts in their respective fields.
  • Proprietary Profiling Program – “Friends of Resolute” includes more than 3000 of the most highly qualified consultants in the country.
  • Intense Qualification – We invest substantially more time than would be considered “industry standard” to qualify and understand the professionals we represent.
  • Tailored Engagements – We offer a full complement of flexible IT talent management services, so you can select the right solution to meet your goals.
  • We are more than recruiters – We are proven professionals committed to using our knowledge, network, connections and experience to provide you with the best possible solution.