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Pulling a project together from start to finish takes more than just organizational skills. You need to employ a set of traits that make you an accomplished project manager to help increase your value with the company. Think about adding these tools to your arsenal so you can step into the role of a respected and highly sought-after project manager with your company.

Communicate clearly

Being a good communicator takes practice and patience. You need to be effective at working with all personality types and positions. Be approachable, diplomatic, and honest in your approach. The more your team knows they can lean on you, the easier it will be for them to complete their responsibilities and realize the end product.

Engage others

While you may have a vision for the project at hand, getting your team to buy-in and see the same view as you will take some effort on your part. You must create the buzz and get your team excited to join in. They need to be as vested in the project as you are and see the goal that there are continuously striving for.

Delegate, delegate, delegate

It can be tempting to horde the work for yourself, thinking others are not capable of completing it to your abilities. In actuality, you need to trust in your team and delegate accordingly. Give them more responsibility, allow them to learn, and make sure they are growing in their position.

Provide motivation

Your team looks to you as their sounding board and their gauge for each project that they are working on. While it may be wrought with issues, if you put your best face forward and show the excitement of getting through the challenges, your team will respond alike. Create the excitement where there is none and get everyone on board from the get-go.

Don’t panic

When a crisis arises, there is no need to panic. Find options, alternatives, and solutions. Be a problem solver and look ahead to find answers to potential pitfalls before they come about. Be proactive rather than reactive. It can make you a great project manager by saving the day on a project that looked like it was doomed to fail.


Stand by your values; waffling on your stance will have others losing faith in you. Keep your integrity at all points within a project and not make exceptions to the rule. Your valor will set you apart and make sure you rise above adversity. It can also help you avoid taking a miscalculated step that could cost the team and the company dearly.

Inspire confidence

Your team looks wholeheartedly at you for guidance, direction, and appreciation. A great project manager works to build the team up and gives them the confidence to complete the unknown, risky, and complex tasks that come about. You need to be a consummate professional and always be their cheerleader, propelling them forward in everything that they do.

Have the aptitude to complete

Seeing a project through from start to finish provides immense satisfaction. You need to make sure that every project ends on an up note. Be resourceful and make sure each project gets checked off your to-do list with a resounding completeness to its tasks.

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