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In today’s world, security is paramount to maintaining your business operations. With sensitive data being stored, processed and managed through your SAP system, keeping this information secure and out of the hands of security risks is important to your business and your customers.

Much has been done to keep SAP protected with the move to cloud-based technologies and protection against malware and targeted attacks. But, there is more that your IT department can do to make sure these systems are protected within your organization.

Assess Your Security Risks

It should start with an assessment of your SAP environment. This means that your IT department identifies the areas where your organization is most vulnerable and makes a plan to beef up these areas so you don’t open yourself to a potential threat that could cause you to expose confidential information without your knowledge.

There might be areas of your operations that are a low-risk while others may be more critical. Identifying these areas and prioritizing them, so your IT department knows where to concentrate their efforts can help your business defend itself against malicious attacks.

Integrate New Security Advancements

As your SAP environment evolves so should your security requirements. The security you employed yesterday may not be effective today or tomorrow, and you need to make sure these systems and software are able to communicate effectively to provide you the protection your business needs now.

Understanding new security protocols and recognizing the ways that these technologies are designed to protect your business and your SAP systems is very important. Examine the possibilities of new security enhancements that are designed to operate with your current SAP system so you can be prepared before a threat leaves you at the mercy of exposing your business’ confidential information.

Embrace Security System Wide

Now is the time to look at your operations as a whole and make security a priority within your company. This means that every decision you make is based on keeping your company safe. You may need to implement new systems and protection levels, but your business will reap the benefits of your diligence as it will become more secure and reduce its security risks.

Think about the ways that your business is opening itself up to attacks. Educate your employees about the dangers of security breaches and give your IT department the power to remedy the issues you are having now.

It may be a costly endeavor, but it can be detrimental to your business operations if a security threat occurs and damages not only your reputation but your customer’s trust in you. You need to promote a culture of security within your organization and make it a part of everyday operations. This could include seminars, guidelines, and manuals on how to protect your business that your employees need to follow and make part of their current responsibilities.

Constant Vigilance And Updates

While you have identified that areas that are at risk for your business and made the necessary updates to reduce these threat areas, your work doesn’t stop there and neither should your IT team. Continual observation of your SAP system needs to occur to make sure your operations are secure as new malware and attack methods introduce themselves.

Keep at it and don’t let your guard down at any point. Security is a constant process that needs to stay ahead of attackers to keep your business and customers safe. Allow Resolute Technologies to guide you on your security endeavors to keep your SAP environment safe and secure. Contact us today for an evaluation of your SAP security needs.

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