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Your resume provides potential employers a window into your job experience. Catching their eye with your qualifications is key to securing the position you are seeking. Long gone are the days of boring objective statements and skill summaries. You need to capture a recruiter’s attention in a matter of seconds to prove that you have what it takes to do the job. As the job market changes, you need to stand out with your resume and these trends for 2017 will help you rise to the top with potential employers.

LinkedIn Profile
Leaving your LinkedIn address off your resume is akin to forgetting your contact information. Employers want savvy applicants that are verbose in professional networking. Showing a recruiter that you are well versed in LinkedIn can give you a leg up and advance you to the next round in the hiring process as you prove that you have the skills to use the technology that companies are using to reach their customers.

Technology Skills
Employers are looking for applicants that are skilled in a variety of technologies. Listing your accomplishments in these areas will show employers that you have the tools to use the apps they employ as well as investigate new technologies that they can use to improve their operations. Make these technology skills readily apparent on your resume so you can show off your capabilities in an area that is highly desired by hiring companies.

Many employers incorporate software that hunts through resumes to find specific keywords that are telling of an applicant’s skill set and the ability to perform the position being hired for. Integrating these keywords into your resume will allow this sophisticated software to pull your name from the pile of resumes that employers receive as a candidate that they want to learn more about.

Contact Information
Make your contact information stand out on your resume. Employers need to know how to reach you quickly and easily. Forgo street address details as this isn’t important to employers. Do include city, state and zip code as this adds credibility and clarity to your location. What is also important is your name, phone, and email address, so that they can reach you. You want to maximize the space you have available on your resume and filling it with unnecessary information will take up space that you need to introduce yourself and show your value to potential employers.

While it can be tempting to make your resume as straightforward as possible, using Times New Roman font will make you seem dated. Explore new fonts that create some personality in your resume. Good choices are Arial, Verdana, Calibri or Georgia. This will show some imagination and that you are progressing with the times and current trends in the job market.

Soft Skills
Employers are looking for candidates that are good fits to their corporate culture in addition to having the skills to perform the job. Evoking some emotion in your resume will speak volumes to a recruiter by showing that you are a leader, mentor, team player, and independent employee. Play up your personal qualities to show that you are a well-rounded candidate.

Using your resume as a tool to get you in the door with employers is key to getting that first interview. Resolute Technologies can help you find an IT employer that is a perfect match for you. Contact us now to learn how we can help you.

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