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With technology spending on the rise, the need for quality tech talent continues. Your business is one of many vying for the attention of these top job candidates and attracting (and keeping) these quality employees can be a real challenge. While the resumes may be coming in, the right person to add to your tech team may just not be revealing itself. Keep these considerations in mind as you look for that perfect job seeker to fill your vacant tech position.

Adjust Your Expectations

You may have the ideal candidate in mind, and everyone you interview may fall short of your desires. These dream employees are a fantasy creature that truly does not exist. No single job candidate will possess every skill and trait that you are looking for and you may need to adjust your expectations as a result.

Look for employees that can add benefit to your business from the start. Those candidates will prove to be valuable the moment they walk through the door. While they may not have checked off every box on your list of must-have characteristics, they can offer your tech team new experiences, skills, and motivation. A new hire that is driven is often the spark that your tech team needs to kick things up a notch.

Avoid The Negativity

There are times when your judgment of an interviewee is way off. You may have had high hopes for a new hire only to find out later they are the bad apple in the bunch. This can be detrimental to a tech team. It can cause friction or even worse destroy the integrity of the company’s corporate culture.

To thwart hiring those that will sabotage the vibe you have worked so hard to create with your tech team, have a plan of attack in place. Sure, it can be easy to remove these individuals from your department, but it’s an easier process to avoid them first.

When it comes time for hiring, ask your staff for referrals and recommendations. This can ensure you add to your team with players that will do well and mesh with your current staff. A good employee that recommends a friend is a safe bet that they will be reliable and trustworthy in the role.

Play Your Best Hand

Even with the best of intentions, you can lose a top candidate if you don’t play your hand well. Tech job seekers are looking for more than just a position to fill. They want to be challenged in the role, continually learn, and move up the company ladder based on their performance. You need to be as attractive to them as a company as they are to you as a candidate. Remember your possible new hire may be flirting with other businesses for a similar or even better position at the same time.

As you approach the job candidate you are looking to hire, be prepared to offer them whatever you can. It should stress the opportunity of the position as well as the perks that come with it. The more you can sweeten the deal for a job candidate the better the chances of them accepting the offer are. Be aggressive and upfront. Don’t delay and above all don’t second guess your selection. Making a firm choice out of the gate can help you lock in your favorite candidate with ease and grace.

Get Help When Needed

If hiring just isn’t your forte, there’s no reason to struggle with the process. Let Resolute Technologies help you add to your technology dream team. It has experienced consultants ready to match your business up with the right tech candidate for the job. Contact us today to get started!

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