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Most companies assume they are successfully managing their information technology department. But they jump to this conclusion without knowing they are enjoying peak performance, maximizing ROI, and doing everything possible to align IT with strategic objectives. If you’re ready to turn IT management into an objective process and optimize the technologies you rely on, follow these steps:

  • Focus on Your Staff – IT management is only as good as the people managing it. A number of automated tools has been introduced in recent years, but none can replace a competent, committed staff. Take care to recruit thoughtfully, and mentor and develop your team into the best IT managers they can be.
  • Outsource/Insource – There are certain tasks that your team excels at, and others they struggle with. Focus your efforts on what you do best and then investigate outsourcing options for everything else. Trying to handle everything in-house typically leads to mediocre outcomes across the board.
  • Risk Intelligently – One of the primary goals of IT management needs to be generating progress. Always keep your sights on innovation, but be careful not to devote time, money, or resources to overly ambitious or risky ideas. Projects that aren’t realistic for your company shouldn’t receive attention from your staff.
  • Rely on Metrics – There is no room for assumption or emotion in IT management. Tie everything you do to clear metrics, and make it a priority to track these metrics as they evolve to glean any relevant insights. When emotion is removed, decisions result from hard data and pre-established metrics, the confusion gets removed and everyone is on the same page.
  • Focus on the Customer – IT is meant to serve the end-user, not the IT team. Take the time to find out what these users want, what is working and not working, and how technology can better serve their objectives. Whether it’s through surveys, focus groups, interviews or other feedback methods, find a way to connect with users and tailor services to them.
  • Communicate Upwards – An unsung part of IT management is communicating the value of information technology and the accomplishments of the IT team to stakeholders higher up the ladder. During times of success, promote your team and show their value. Everyone’s interests are served when the IT team communicates clearly with the organization as a whole.
  • Trust Your Advisors – No IT team is a perfect brain trust. Understand where the gaps are in your expertise and track down the advisors that can provide you with quality information. A big part of effective IT management is acknowledging incapability and taking meaningful steps to overcome it.

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