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Onboarding new employees can be a challenge for any business. There is a myriad of details required to get them up to speed and help them integrate into the organization. Getting your new employees on the right path through training can set them up for success early on. Here are some  ways you can help your new employees feel like they are part of the team.

Welcome Them To The Team

An early initiative that can make the difference in how well your new employee acclimates to your business is to provide them with a warm welcome. Introduce them to the other employees they will be working with and show your excitement for having them come aboard with your company.  You can even incorporate a lunch

Translate The Corporate Jargon

For a new employee, learning the ropes can be a difficult endeavor. Your company may have its own language that seems foreign to a new employee. Simplify this jargon and make sure they know what you are talking about when you use those ever-important acronyms. It may seem first nature to you, but take into account that is the first time your new employee has heard them.

Make It Matter With A Mentor

Set your new hire up with a mentor. This can offer them the opportunity to have some guidance in their new role. Mentors can advise and answer those questions that your new employee may be reluctant to ask you. Pairing your employees with mentors is an easy way to give them that support they need throughout their career with you.

Define Company Mission And Vision

Your company mission and vision are key to the way you operate your business. Make sure your new employee fully understands these pillars and help them see how their role supports these efforts. As your new hire understands the mission and vision of your company, they can make those important decisions based around what your company believes in.

Set Reachable Goals

You should have milestones in place for your new employee to reach. Setting these goals gives your new hire something to strive for and sets the expectations for their role early on. Be sure to make the goals reachable as to not frustrate your new employee and help them achieve these goals with some additional assistance from your team.

Open The Floor To New Ideas

One of the main advantages of adding a new employee to your team is a fresh set of eyes and ideas. Open the floor and let your new hire know that their ideas are welcomed and encouraged. Your company will benefit from their creativity, and your new employee will appreciate the ability to contribute.

Give Positive Feedback

When you new hire impresses you, let them know. Give them feedback on their performance, but make sure it is constructive. The more you can encourage your new employee and show them that you are satisfied with their work, the more apt they will be to stick around.

Build The Team Together

Try some team building exercises to help your new hire integrate into your team. This is a great opportunity to help them get to know the other members of the department. It will help bond the team together and allow them to work better together on collective projects.

Don’t Forget The Company Swag

Lastly, reward your new employee for taking a role with your company by loading them up with company swag. Giving your new hire merchandise with your company logo can help will get them excited about working with you and show how much you appreciate their arrival.

Allowing your new employee to feel a part of the team can ensure that they will be successful as they work for your company. They will immediately feel like they belong and help to give them the boost they need to hit the ground running on the responsibilities you have laid out for them. When you are looking to add new members to your team, contact Resolute Technologies. We have the right team players for your company and can match them to your needs. Contact us today!

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