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Corporate wellness is big business. It is projected that total revenues of the corporate wellness service industry will be around 11.3 billion U.S. dollars by 2021, and is just expected to grow exponentially over the coming years. For companies near and far, having a corporate wellness program makes cost sense. It helps to reduce overall health care costs, reduces employee absences, and makes for a more satisfied employee.

Employers also benefit by remaining more competitive and attractive to workers through programs that are designed to provide full mind, body and spirit wellness to their employees. As we look to the future of these corporate wellness programs, it is clear that employees will be able to take full advantage of these offerings and perhaps at the hopes of their employer, become a more productive worker in the workplace as a result. Here are the top trends we see shaping corporate wellness programs into the near future.

More Implementation

While only 9 percent of employees in the workforce today actually have access to a corporate wellness program, this number is expected to grow as more companies look to offer them to their employees going forward. Employers are realizing the myriad of benefits that these programs offer them as well as their employees and are adding them to their corporate structure as a way to help retain employees and also attract new talent.

Program Expansion

Along with implementation, companies will begin expanding their wellness offering to include more services that can significantly work to help their employees perform better at work. Companies are savvy to the idea that a healthy employee provides them more output and investing in ways to increase overall productivity is part of their business’ success. Expect to see employers expand their corporate wellness programs to help provide full balanced health to an employee.

Focus On Mental Health

These programs will also include more emphasis on mental health. Understanding that employees need emotional support to do their job well and function properly at home, companies are finding that programs that are tailored to improving mental health can be beneficial. Employees will have more resources available to them to deal with mental health issues from their employer without worry about the stigma attached to it.

More Technology Integration

Technology will be a big part of what is expected to change in the future. Corporate wellness programs will interject the use of wearables and portal platforms that allow employees to become more engaged and connected. Real value will be placed on getting healthy and how technological devices can help a worker achieve more success in this area.

Health Care Payback

Healthy employees will be rewarded for using corporate wellness program by seeing discounts on their health insurance premiums each month. Weight loss, smoking cessation, and exercise program participation will give back to employees in a nominal way, allowing them to reap the benefits and see more value in their employer offering wellness programs as part of its benefits package.

A Move Toward Financial Health

Financial worries can be a big stressor for employees, and corporate wellness programs are now taking a turn to provide financial guidance. Programs tailored to saving for retirement or a first home can help employees improve their future and reduce the financial strain that they are feeling that could be affecting their job. Education will be a large motivator in corporate wellness programs to give employees the tools they need to thrive outside the workplace.

Increased Work-Life Balance

More employers are exploring new options when it comes to providing their employees with more balance between their home life and work. Unlimited vacation programs and flexible work schedules are some of the ways that they are going about it. There will also be a move toward work from home opportunities, allowing workers to have the give-take relationship they are looking for from the company they work for.

The future of corporate wellness programs is bright. There will be expansion and more implementation of these programs within U.S. companies as well as more programs, solutions, education, and offerings for employees to take advantage of for their physical as well as emotional wellness. When your business needs help recruiting top talent, turn to Resolute Technologies. Our qualified and experienced consultants can assist you in your endeavors. Contact us today!

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