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We wanted to focus this week’s blog post on how using an independent IT consulting and recruiting firm benefits the hiring company. Computerworld’s 2017 IT Salary Survey found that 43% of the 1.263 managers polled said they expect to increase IT head count this year. If this is true, are you prepared for the influx of resumes and pressure of filling those open positions fast?

It’s not surprising then that it’s becoming increasingly common for businesses to adopt alternative models to the traditional employment model. Whether using independent contractors, spinning off an existing function to a third-party provider, or simply outsourcing an operation, these arrangements are frequently used to increase efficiency, reduce labor and employee benefit costs, and shift responsibility for human resource management. In other words, they use recruiting firms to gain independence from the onslaught of activities that need to be done before a candidate is interviewed by the hiring company.

Based on our experience and client feedback over the years, we’ve compiled a list of additional benefits you receive by partnering with an IT recruiting firm like Resolute:

  • We understand that every assignment impacts an organization’s reputation for excellence. We hire seasoned recruiters who understand how to identify the right prospects, contact them discretely, and clearly communicate the value of each company they represent and the position they’re selling. This usually results in faster placements with more qualified talent.
  • We specialize in information technology and our only job is to find you the best candidates! We search, network, and constantly meet with talented individuals in various technology fields. We interview and get to know our candidates’ career aspirations, portfolio of work, and personalities. We do a better job of matching when we know our candidates well. We keep in contact with our candidates, and have been called “a breath of fresh air” to work with. Constant communications also provides us with a pool of qualified candidates and referrals.
  • We help you stay in-the-know about employment trends so you attract the best candidates. Did you know that in today’s job marketplace, many talented IT professionals place a high value on the benefits and perks offered by a job—sometimes higher than the salary itself? According to some studies, tech pros are driven by benefits like flexible work schedules, free food, and the opportunity to work with cutting-edge technologies. Remote work opportunities, subsidized child and elder care, job sharing, on-site fitness facilities, and generous vacation time are also highly valued by top talent.
  • We save your internal staff time and cost. Not only will a search for an employee distract managers and leaders, it will also cost the company more money than a search turned over to an independent recruiting firm. Do you really want senior managers and leaders out on Facebook and LinkedIn trying to find talent? And are you sure you know what their time is worth per hour? Add benefits and overhead to that number and independent recruiters look like a bargain at any price.
  • We offer a method for continuous improvement. Why stop recruiting after you fill the job? If you can keep your staff focused on the core business but have a recruiter looking to replace the weakest player on your team, you will be on a path to continuous improvement. Hiring is a process, not an event.

Resolute have a passion for people. We get to know our candidates, and we get to know our clients. If you would like to gain independence and realize the benefits of working with us, please contact us today!

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