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As your business looks to expand in the New Year, you may be looking to add to your IT team. The job candidate that you are looking to fill the role you have in mind should have a variety of skills that allow them to perform the position to your expectations. More and more companies are focusing on IT candidates that display more than just technical aptitude with these traits being highly sought after.

Technical Ability

At the forefront of every good IT candidate is a range of technical skills. The job seeker that you are looking to hire should have the technical abilities necessary to complete the responsibilities of the job as well as offer your company something new in terms of technical capabilities. Keep technical skills in mind when looking for a new hire but don’t base your hiring decision solely on this factor.

Communication Skills

More and more IT employees have to interface with customers as well as internal employees. An IT professional that has strong communication skills is a bonus as they will be effective at working with customers and staff to alleviate IT problems in the field.


Much of the work of an IT professional happens solo and job candidates should be able to work in an independent capacity with minimal supervision. You want an employee that takes the lead when it comes to implementing change and can solve your business’ IT issues with real-world solutions that work.

Fast learner

Because the IT industry is constantly evolving, having a job candidate that can pick up new technology quickly and integrate it into your business can be beneficial on many levels. Fast learning employees are the dream of every company as they can help to propel your business forward with new technology and push your IT team to take the lead in integrating solutions that can help your company interface with its customers.


The role of an IT staff member needs to be professional at all times. They need to see the importance of their job responsibilities and be a role model to others on your IT team. Look for job candidates that  talk with authority about their IT functions. This trait in an employee can elevate your business and help to increase its reputation when dealing with customers.


The role of an IT employee is ever-changing, and a new hire needs to roll with the punches that are thrown their way.  IT candidates should show flexibility in using a range of technological features. They need to have the ability to see that there are several ways to solve a problem and bring a variety of solutions to the table. Showing rigidity or inflexibility can be a no-go in terms of handling your IT functions and cause your business to take a step back from where it is headed with its technology strategy.

Creative thinker

Adding a job seeker to your IT team that shows that they can think outside the box can be advantageous to your business on many levels. It can provide you with a myriad of ways to enhance your technology integration that is cost-effective and creative in their design. Creative thinking employees offer your business new ways to operate and can open the door to a realm of new opportunities.


Look for an IT candidate that displays confidence in their abilities. They should have the initiative to take on challenging tasks and know when to ask for help. Confident employees can demonstrate a willingness to perform and try new things without fear of failure. They can give your business a boost as they are able to confidently advance your company’s technology capabilities without hesitation.

Finding a job candidate that employs these top traits can benefit your business while fitting the current personality of your IT team beyond traditional technical skills. When you are looking to expand your IT department, count on Resolute Technologies to find your qualified candidates.

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