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The time has come for your next job interview. You’ve scoured the job boards and found the perfect employer to work for. Lucky you, they want you to come in for an interview. But, are you ready for the one-on-one that is about to transpire? These tips can help you prepare for your next interview and ensure you nail the process to secure that coveted position.

Do Your Homework

To start to prepare for your interview, you need to do a little work on your part. Open your computer and start the investigation process. Find out as much as possible about the company you plan on working for, so you are prepared with a good set of background information. Find out the company’s mission, goals, and any recent announcements they have made. Plus, this will help you decide if this is the company you really want to be working for.

Get Your Questions Ready

At the end of every good interview, you will be asked if you have any questions. This can produce a moment of silence as you scramble to ask something intelligible. Preparing your questions in advance will help you fill the pause and show your enthusiasm for the position.  You will look prepared and show that you made some effort before heading to the interview.

Practice Makes Perfect

Before you jump into an interview, take some time to practice and anticipate the questions that your interviewer may potentially ask. The internet is flooded with possible job interview questions that you can practice with a friend. This will allow you to get ready to speak and answer quickly on your feet. You never know, one of the questions you practice may even be included in the interview process, helping you to nail the response.

Dress To Impress

Now, the day of the interview is here. You need to look the part and dress for success. Think business suit for those fine office jobs or muster up an outfit that suits the role you will be working in. You should always dress one step above what you would typically wear to the position. Make sure you are put together as well, as this will help make a solid first impression with your interviewer.

Have Your Resume Ready

Be sure to bring copies of your resume to the job interview. Do not rely on your interviewer to have a copy with them. This will show that you took the initiative to be prepared for your interview and make the entire process go a lot smoother. Place a copy of your resume with each person you are interviewing with and leave one for yourself too. This can help you recall your past experience and give you some back up as you speak.

Don’t Be Late

Whatever you do, don’t be late to your interview. Figure out how long it will take you to get to the location of the company and plan enough time to get ready and be out the door. Consider any delays that could occur. Arriving early will allow you time to collect yourself before you walk into your interview without that rushed feeling weighing you down. Plus, it will give you high marks with your interviewer showing that you would actually be punctual to work too.

Be The Real You

As you interview for your next possible job position, it is important you are honest with your answers to their questions. Be yourself, even if it means that you won’t get the job. You want to be hired because of who you are and the experience you bring to the table. Faking your expertise or knowledge will come back to bite you later and cause you to lose your respect within your position very quickly.

Follow Up With A Thank You

After the interview, it is key that you show your appreciation for the time your interviewer provided with you. Sending a follow-up email thanking them for their time and involvement in the interview process with you will give you a boost ahead of other candidates that do not send this email. It is the mark of a true professional and can give you an extra inside step to your next potential job offer.

Be Patient

This is the hardest part of the interview process. Waiting to hear if you got the job. Be sure when you leave the interview that you have a solid understanding of the next steps and how long this should approximately take. Be patient with companies as things come up and hiring is not always their top priority. Wait until the timeframe they told you is well over and follow up with a kind email asking where they are in the process. Don’t get anxious! You did your part, and now it is up to them to make a decision that puts you in the driver’s seat.

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