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The role of corporate IT departments have undergone a transformation in recent years. Responsibilities have shifted away from basic installation and maintenance activities, to now include enterprise initiatives, strategic planning and positioning, data and asset management, as well as implementing cyber-security measures. In short, IT management has become more complex and more critical than ever before.

Security Issues

Security threats are one of the most common reasons that tech managers worry about on a constant basis. There is the continuous threat that a data breach will steal customer personal information or ransom attacks that hold company data hostage. It is the job of an IT leader to keep their company safe from cyber attacks, and it can cause a great deal of stress as these thieves learn new tricks and techniques to thwart the security measures that an IT professional has put in place. Educating your employees about reducing the risks will help alleviate some security issues.

Vendor Costs

Tech leaders also have the important job of partnering with vendors at the lowest cost possible. This means that they need strong negotiation skills. There is always that nagging feeling that they should have held out for a lower price or shopped around for a vendor that could have saved the company more. Vendors continuously raise prices too, which can throw the company’s IT budget out of whack for the entire quarter.

Big Data

As big data becomes key to the operations of any business, it is imperative that an IT professional knows how to deal and manage the flow of data. This sometimes-overwhelming amount of information can bog any IT system down, and an IT leader needs to know how to streamline the big data, so it is useful. There are colleges around the country that have programs in big data and data analytics. As the technologies continue to evolve, young professionals are becoming more and more prepared to handle these issues.

Technology Implementation

Implementing any new technology is a high-pressure part of the job. No one knows how it will go, and no one can tell what type of problems will arise. The rollout of new technology developments can stall a company in its tracks if it doesn’t go seamlessly. Tech managers will benefit from keeping apprised of all emerging technologies and do their due diligence researching what will work best for their company,

Employee Retention And Termination

Tech professionals also have the high-stress responsibility of terminating employees when called for. This can be a complex task for anyone in a management position. Letting someone go no matter the reason is never easy and IT leaders may lay awake at night worrying about how it will go. Beyond layoffs and terminations, IT managers must also stress about retention. Losing talented employees can be a real cause of sleepless nights as they think about how their IT department will continue to run without the skills of the employees that currently work there.

There is a myriad of stressors on the job for IT managers. From losing staff to security threats, an IT leader’s job is never done. While they may lay awake at night worrying about issues in their IT department, one thing is certain a company cannot survive without them.

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