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Networking events are the perfect opportunity to meet someone new. You grow your sphere of influence and find that right person you are looking to partner with on your business. But, for some, the thought of striking up a conversation with someone new can be challenging. To help, we’ve provided some sure-fire conversations starters specifically for networking events that can get the conversation rolling and help you find that new connection to add to your contact list.

Ask about what they do

Everyone likes to talk about themselves and asking a stranger what they do can help get the ball rolling on a conversation. They will have lots to say, and you may have something in common that you can add to the conversation as well.

Talk about the venue

If you are nervous about talking about the workplace, you can always keep it general and ask what they think of the venue. Many networking events are held in beautiful locales that can spark a conversation in an instant, making it easier than ever for you to meet someone new.

Bring up the last speaker

You may have had a presentation or two of interest at your networking event. By finding out what someone new thought of it can bring some comradery as the two of you relate on something you already have in common. There’s no telling where the conversation will go from here.

Ask where they are from

If you are at a large networking event, attendees may have come from all over. Finding out where someone is from can provide an interesting conversation. You may have visited their area or know a thing or two about the location. If you don’t, feel free to ask them what it is like. Everyone is proud of where they came from and will discuss it with abandonment.

Find out if it is there first time attending

Maybe you have been to this particular networking event several times and feel like an old veteran. Ask someone you don’t know if it is their first time. You can always give your take on the event and answer any questions they may have as first-timer.

Inquire about their industry

If you are looking to team up with a professional that participates in your arena, it is always wise to ask what industry their background is in. You never know where someone has worked before and you just may have a common bond that draws you two together as professionals.

Ask them if they have taken in the local sights

Because many networking events last only for a portion of the day, there is time to take in the local sights. Finding out what tourist attractions your new friend has spent their free time at can help you form a connection. They may have done something that you want to try or have visited yourself. Keep it going and find out what else they have planned during their stay.

Find out what they think about the event

Asking a stranger what they think about the event can give you some insight into what type of person they are. You may find that they are as nervous as you about meeting new people or very outgoing and willing to chat for some time.

Give them a compliment

A great way to make it easy to talk to someone new is to give an easy compliment that makes them feel appreciated. Maybe you like their outfit or haircut or heard them present at another event. Keep it light and move along with some other topics that are of interest. This can keep the conversation flowing and ensure you make the most of your time at a networking event.

When you are faced with an upcoming networking event, there is no need to panic as you can easily meet plenty of new people by just asking a few simple questions to get them to warm up to you. When you are in need of some new faces on your tech team, contact Resolute Technologies. They are ready to assist you in finding top talent for your business with experienced consultants that can help understand your needs and meet them. Contact us today!

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