Hire Veterans, Higher Rewards: Why Hiring Veterans is a Win-Win

Looking for high-value applicants who can think on their feet, be creative, and communicate well? Then your next talent search should target former military personnel.  We offer just a few reasons why below:


Ready to Roll
Pew Research reported that a majority of veterans employed at civilian companies note that their military experience prepared them well for the corporate environment. This might be partly due to the efficiency promoted in the armed services. Military training is precise and compact, with an emphasis on cost-savings and quickly acquiring skills that can be put into practice immediately.

Courage in Creativity
Do you find yourself encouraging others to “think outside the box?” Veterans have the benefit of developing creative solutions while carrying out various missions. The experience in managing stressful situations in the field can easily translate into creating novel ways of approaching enterprise issues.

I Can, We Can
Men and women who have stepped up, volunteered and served in the military have an advantage over regular civilian employees: they have been trained to operate independently and to cooperate within small and large groups. This translates into a powerful worker functionality for your company. Working alone, the veterans will already have an understanding of how to manage their time. In a team, veterans understand that the mission—not an individual’s recognition—comes first.

Cultural Comprehension
Every employee brings certain skills to the table, but with the broad variety of backgrounds found at the average company, it’s sometimes hard to get peak performance without an understanding of each person. Veterans already have experience in dealing with divergent backgrounds and are trained in appreciating the differences in cultures and people.

As Sure as the Sun Will Rise
Interviews give you your first impression of an employee, but it’s not always easy to understand someone’s commitment to the job during this brief encounter. How reliable is an applicant? This worry is largely off the table when hiring veterans, since their commitment to service has already received its “stamp of approval” from one of the largest employers around: the US Government.

Shhh…Don’t Tell the Boss…
…are words you probably won’t hear from a veteran. Since military personnel are trained in leadership and responsibility, they know that success does not just lie in people, but in the resources they have to complete a mission. Veterans have been constantly exposed to tests, standards, and checks, so they understand the value of making sure problems are taken care of before they become major issues. This type of feedback from an honest voice can greatly enhance your company culture and products. Veterans are conditioned that the whole team is accountable to ensure mission accomplishment.

Precision Decisions
Whether it is developing a new program or managing databases, precision is vital to the outcome. Even small mistakes can snowball into major disasters, costing businesses time, money, and reputation. Veterans are trained to value attention to detail, making them a real asset to your team.

A Window to the Future
The US government is interested in success, so the military typically gets the very best and most advanced forms of technology. Veterans are trained in certain specialties and are required to keep up-to-date with progress in their field—it can be a matter of life or death. That means a veteran with an IT or programming background will be bringing in the hottest skills with an eye towards keeping them fresh.

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