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You have been with the same company for years, performed consistently at your job, and routinely rose to the occasion when asked to go above and beyond. But despite all your hard work, you keep getting passed over when promotions become available. The problem might be that you’re not correctly positioning yourself to hurdle over that professional plateau. In our experience, we’ve seen many of our consultants promoted and have highlighted some overlapping tactics among them below:


It’s not enough to simply meet expectations. If you want to get promoted, you need to establish yourself as a master in your field, and someone who works harder than everyone else. Prioritize professional development to broaden your skill set and deepen your value to the company.


Having an objective, outside perspective can be an asset throughout your career journey. Find someone that knows you, your company, and your industry well, and ask them to serve as both your guide and your advocate. A mentor provides a different outlook on situations due to his/her experience and position.


You might be stuck in the same position simply because the decision makers don’t know about your managerial ambitions. Speak to your immediate supervisor about your career goals, and whenever you are in a position to impress, make it a point to stand out from the pack.


One of the best ways to differentiate yourself and stay on the company’s radar is to take on extra assignments as much as possible. This helps you expand your skill set, broaden your network of connections within the company, and establish yourself as an indispensable part of the team.


If you want to move up professionally, you need to be a model of professionalism. Make sure you are always dressed appropriately, always conduct yourself in a professional manner, and always prioritize your professional life. Employees that rush out of the office 10 minutes early every day rarely get promoted.


There is no magic strategy for getting promoted. And even if you do everything right, it could take months or even years to be offered the position you deserve. Don’t get discouraged, and understand that your patience and persistence are worth it. Every day you are getting better at what you do even if you haven’t been recognized for it yet.

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