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Job burn out is a real issue, especially when it comes to the tech industry. IT professionals face burn out at a higher rate than most employees with a survey by Blind indicating that 57.16 percent of employees are experiencing job burn out right now. So, how can your company combat this growing problem and promote a workplace environment that is stress-free for your tech team?

Consider your options as an employer and find ways to help your IT team get a much-needed break from the hectic work environment they are wallowing in. Keep these tips in mind as you make the necessary changes in your workplace to help these individuals de-stress and unwind from the demand of the job that is burdening them.

Show Your Appreciation

While it may seem elementary, showing your appreciation for your tech staff can go a long way in making them more motivated. Tell them that you are grateful for their hard work and commitment to keeping your company up and running. This can help your IT department recharge and find that inner strength to keep going when burnout is taking over. They will realize that the effort they are making is not going unnoticed and that they are a valued member of your company.

Provide A Stress Outlet

It can be easy to get wrapped up in the day-to-day activities of your business without taking the time that is necessary to reduce the stress that is building. By providing all of your employees a way to de-stress and reduce the burnout they are feeling, it can actually work to improve their performance. Offering wellness options such as gym memberships, on-site workout rooms or meditation time can work to give your tech team the tools they need to reduce job burnout without having to bear the cost to do so.

Allow A Flexible Work Schedule

With all the responsibilities your IT department has on the job and in their personal life, it can be a challenge for them to juggle everything they need to do. Giving your employees the option to flex their hours can drastically help. They will be better equipped to have a more balanced work-home life and find that their daily pressures are reduced. As long as your tech team is getting the work done, it may not matter the hours that they are physically present. Your tech team will appreciate the flexibility and feel more engaged in the job as they don’t have additional worries weighing on their mind.

Offer Stress Counseling

If can be beneficial on many levels to offer your staff some one-on-one counseling with a stress management professional. They will learn the techniques they need to reduce their stress levels which will allow them to avoid job burnout at a high level. The ability to manage stress when the job demands are high will prevent you from losing your staff and keep them happy and satisfied with the work they are performing day in and day out. Let your tech team have the choice to work on the burnout symptoms and watch as they find ways to handle the pressures of their personal and work life.

Promote Free Time Activities

Making sure your IT staff has an outlet to have some fun when the work is done will allow them to really enjoy the time they are away from work. Giving your team a reason to go out, live a little, and have some fun will help them recharge and regroup when Monday rolls around once again. Offer your tech professionals tickets to a sporting event, concert or dinner out with their family, and you’ll see a remarkable change in their outlook. Your staff will be thankful for the opportunity to go out and be able to really kick back when the workday is complete. You’ll reap the rewards as your IT team is ready to face the work week with a renewed vigor without feeling burned out from a full work schedule.

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