Resolute SAP services are designed to help your business achieve sustainable growth through implementing innovative models for the next era. The key to remaining on top of your game in today’s rapidly changing economy is being flexible and developing capabilities that allow your organization to adjust itself when disruption redefines your possibilities.

We offer a range of services that can help you improve your productivity, streamline your internal operations and ensure your business meets and exceeds its performance goals through custom-tailored SAP implementation. Resolute leverages over 20 years of experience, a dedicated team with extensive background in the industry, evidence-based and tested methods, and tools to transform your business from the inside out.

The right SAP solution can completely revolutionize your organization and simplify processes at every level. Resolute places special emphasis on the attention to detail and the custom-tailored approach. Our expert team will analyze your business operations and determine the best approach, tools, and resources needed to support your growth.

Meet your business demands

Gain a competitive edge and bring your business to the next level with Resolute’s SAP Services. Our services are designed to analyze your business operations and identify future opportunities, helping you set your business up for long-term and sustainable success. Additionally, we offer recruitments services that will help you source the talent you need to supplement your project teams.

A holistic approach for your SAP initiatives

When working with Resolute, you get industry experts and a partner. We rely on a holistic approach that takes into account your unique business needs and circumstances and takes care of your entire SAP initiative – from implementation through upgrades to adding specific modules and ensuring all fits into your budget.

Improved control over deliverables

Resolute Technologies delivers solutions for all your SAP needs. Depending on your circumstances, we can land with the right team from day one or provide you with a handful of specific consultants to ensure the project runs smoothly. Our experienced team can provide consultants for roles such as SAP Project Managers, SAP Functional and Technical Consultants, SAP ABAP Technical Leads and Programmers, SAP QA, SAP BA and BI, and SAP Trainers. With the right talent, your company can easily meet deadlines and commitments without increasing your fixed costs.


Success Story

Our client was a leading manufacturer located in the Midwest. They needed an SAP ERP to be implemented across eight North American cities to replace several disparate and homegrown systems and ensure consistent functionality and processes across the sites. What was specific about the project was that the client requested a seamless integration of the SAP ERP into the pre-existing Manhattan PkMS software, as we managed all aspects of the distribution center operations.

The client selected Resolute Technologies to partner with their project team. Resolute’s team had 15 technical and functional consultants, all with extensive background and experience with SAP and Manhattan, and successfully completed the integration, coupled with additional multi-language and multi-currency features.

The successful implementation and integration complimented the client’s warehouse and logistics business processes. Within a short period of time, the client realized significantly lower operating costs, reduced transportation expenses, and improved productivity across multiple sites.


Why work With Resolute for SAP Services

  • Independent third-party expertise: Our SAP team members are dedicated to providing you with the most suitable solutions for your needs and budget.
  • Premier SAP services with competitive pricing: we can provide you with the best SAP Services without breaking the bank.
  • Quality: our SAP consultants are experts in their respective fields and we pride ourselves on providing niche skill sets that can address any current or future business challenges.
  • Proven methodologies: At the start of the project, we do discovery to gain a deeper understanding of your business processes. We combine this with proven methodologies and evidence-based tools to ensure sustainable growth.
  • Aligning your strategy with your vision: The right IT strategy compliments your business needs. Resolute’s goes beyond the mere technical advice and takes into account your objectives to pave the way to a successful transformation.
  • Commitment, dedication, and integrity: We strive to not only help our clients grow but establish long-term relationships with them. We combine our SAP expertise with business knowledge and place emphasis on transparency to ensure you’re 100% satisfied with the end results.