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The time has come to add a new employee to your team. While this can be an exciting time for all involved, it also needs to come with a little effort on your part. Hiring and retaining a new employee can be a costly endeavor for companies. If you lose your new hire, your business is out the money spent on training and ramping up the person that you thought would fill the role with ease.

With the proper onboarding procedures, you can make the new hire process smoother for a new employee and ensure they feel comfortable and ready to work that first day. Here are some tips to help you streamline your onboarding process to give your new hire a head start on day one.

Announce And Introduce

It can be daunting for any new hire to start a new job without knowing a single face in the company. Make it easier for your new employees by introducing them to everyone on the team. Announce their arrival well in advance and make sure everyone welcomes them to the team.

Keep The Communication Flowing

Before your new hire arrives for work that first day, keep in constant communication with them to make sure they feel at ease and know what to expect. This is a good time to have paperwork filled out and get them ready to enjoy their time with your company. Your new hire will appreciate the effort you make to keep them in the loop and ready them to start working with you.

Explain The Jargon

Every company has their own set of acronyms and jargon that can make entering a new position frustrating and scary. Make it easier for your new employee by explaining the key terms used at your company. This will allow them to get up to speed quicker and have the information they need to perform well at their job.

Define The Hierarchy

Knowing who is in charge and how the reporting structure works can be a challenge at any business. Giving your new hire an organizational chart that explains everyone’s role within the company can help them understand who they can go to for help. They will quickly see the structure of the company and be able to find their place within it.

Find The Corporate Culture Fit

Corporate culture is the key to any good company. Explaining yours to a new hire can set up the expectations and help them understand what the mission, goals, and vision of your business are. By helping your new hire understand how they fit into your corporate culture can allow them to fill their new position easier and without issues.

Get To Know Your New Hire

Getting to know your new employee on their first day is important to developing a strong relationship with them. Take them out to lunch and find out what their interests are. The more you get to know your new hire on a personal level the more at home they will feel within your company and the other employees that work there.

Make The First Day Unforgettable

The first day at any job can be a little stressful for any new hire. They don’t know what to expect or how it will go. By making it a day that they will remember fondly can help them see that your company is the right one for them. Give them company swag or cater lunch to welcome them aboard. All the efforts you make will be appreciated and go a long way in providing a new employee the welcome package they need to calm their fears.

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