Resolute Supply Chain

The right supply chain strategy can minimize your costs and streamline operations, giving you an unmatched competitive edge. We at Resolute place emphasis on delivering solutions based on agility, resilience, and innovation, ensuring a sustainable approach that delivers short-term and long-term results.

We rely on a holistic approach that takes into account your company culture, budget and specific circumstances, and we lend our years of experience in business processes and extensive technological knowledge. This enables us to offer you a range of services spanning the complete supply chain and deliver innovative solutions that translate into profitable growth.


Innovation. Agility. Profitable growth

In today’s rapidly changing business world, staying relevant is essential. Supply chains are becoming increasingly interconnected, and organizations need to adjust quickly to cater to consumer demands.

Resolute specializes in supply chain services for clients across a range of industries. We rely on a combination of innovation and extensive technological expertise to deliver custom-tailored solutions that help you offer a faster, better and more reliable service to your clients.

We believe technology holds immense potential for the future of business. To help you remain on top of your game in today’s dynamic environment, we capitalize on the newest innovations to help you deliver a resilient supply chain network that allows for rapid adjustments. Additionally, we utilize technologies such as social, mobile, analytics and cloud, to help you seize new opportunities, continuously minimize your costs and achieve complete control over your supply chain processes.

Resolute’s approach is based on innovation, trust, respect and mutual collaboration. As a boutique supply chain consulting company, we have a limited overhead which enables us to provide the highest quality resources below competitor rates. With Resolute, you get not only a resilient, agile supply chain network that guarantees profitable growth but a partner for your future.


Resolute supply chain consulting and implementation

The successful supply chain strategy can help streamline your operations, improve the level of customer service, build brand reputation all while minimizing your expenses. Today’s dynamic and volatile business environment calls for the ability to rapidly adjust and we at Resolute are experts at that.

We believe that your supply chain needs to work for you and our consulting and implementation services are rooted in understanding you, your business and your customers. This custom-tailored approach takes into account your current strategy, business processes, and logistics to deliver sustainable long-term results.



To gain a competitive edge and deliver an outstanding service to your customers every time, you need to have a supply chain that enables you to respond swiftly to market, technological or economic disruptions.



Resolute’s supply chain consulting and implementation model is built on the integration of several capacities – engineering and implementation, supply chain transformation and operational excellence. Our in-house team works with you to determine your current capabilities and design a custom-tailored strategy for long-term success and sustainable growth.



With Resolute, you receive a trusted partner who considers your company culture, vision, and unique business circumstances. We will analyse your business and consult you on the most viable and effective strategies for supply chain implementation, and then take care of the entire integration process – from conceptualization to the final installation.


Why Resolute Supply Chain

With Resolute’s supply chain services, you get not only a well-designed, efficient supply chain but gain a competitive edge. Our approach is rooted in innovation and our services provide you with the capabilities and insight you need to enjoy long-term profitability.

Our supply chain services are designed to enable growth by allowing you to respond swiftly and efficiently to any changes in the marketplace. Some of the benefits you receive from working with us include accelerated time-to-market, higher end-to-end visibility, successful managing of short-term volatility, reduced supply chain complexity, reduced expenses and improved profitability.

To help you streamline your business processes, we deliver solutions aligned with your business goals and vision, and easy-to-implement strategies for long-term growth.


Client Projects
Manufacturing Company

Our client is a leading manufacturer located in the Midwest. They needed an SAP ERP to be implemented across eight North American cities to replace several disparate and homegrown systems and ensure consistent functionality and processes across the sites. The client requested a seamless integration of the SAP ERP into the pre-existing Manhattan PkMS software, as we managed all aspects of the distribution centre operations.

The client selected Resolute Technologies to supplement their project team. We supplied 15 technical and functional consultants, all with extensive background and experience with SAP and Manhattan, and successfully completed the integration, coupled with additional multi-language and multi-currency features.

The successful implementation and integration complimented the client’s warehouse and logistics business processes. Within a short period of time, the client realized significantly lower operating costs, reduced transportation expenses, and improved productivity across multiple sites.


Aviation Company

Our client is the largest global provider of aviation parts and aviation services. They were in the middle of converting their SAP ERP WM, run by 3PL, to a client-owned SAP EWM and implement it across 76 locations worldwide.

We provided a team of project managers, functional and technical consultants, ABAP developers and financial business analysists. Upon thorough review of the client’s requirements and unique circumstances, we managed to successfully support the project including hyper-care activities, took care of the help desk, and completed the upgrades and change management activities.

The support activities’ scope included complex inbound and outbound processes, as well as batch management, serial numbers, ERP QM integration, FAA documentation requirements, wave planning, slotting, and resource management.

After Resolute successfully resolved the critical issue, the client realized 100% inventory visibility, as well as significant reduction in processing delays, and eliminated interface IDOCs and external databases.