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You may think that all IT recruiting firms are the same—that the processes, customer service, and candidate placements are similar—but that is not true. There are some important differences between partnering with a large firm and a boutique firm like Resolute, and hopefully this post will provide some points to ponder before you select one for your hiring needs.

In the recruitment business, bigger doesn’t necessarily equate to better. Smaller firms work harder for clients. We exercise more diligence during the research and sourcing phase of an assignment. Interviews aren’t left to inexperienced associates who are receiving on-the-job training. Essentially every factor about a candidate is checked and rechecked before they walk through your front door.

We are consultative in nature and strive to fully understand your goals, project, and position requirements. We are not simply trying to fill more and more job openings. We learn through a dialogue about your current situation and challenges in order to meet your specific workforce circumstance. An enormous amount of research and face time is devoted to ensuring that we grow our expertise in our specialty areas, such as SAP Services and Supply Chain.

We don’t prioritize some clients over others—we have autonomy and more control over the number of our clients, as we’d rather be cited as the best, instead of the biggest. And we work whatever hours necessary to get the job done for all clients, not just the ones that bill the highest.

Resolute behaves ethically throughout our work by always maintaining that we do what is best for the client, not what’s best for the Board or shareholders. We believe all successful long-term relationships are founded on mutual integrity and trust.

Our screening process is a key factor, including skill-based and behavioral interviewing, to make the best match for your business/functional needs and company culture. Resolute has access to a large talent pool, simply because we keep the communication lines open with potential candidates via phone and email and we also stay in contact with our consultants who have completed other assignments for us. We focus on providing quality talent, not quantity. We have extended conversations regarding the potential optimal fit for all parties. Anyone presented to you has been introduced to the opportunity through multiple conversations and email communications, which include an exclusive right-to-represent

Resolute has discovered, after over a decade of being in operation, that you receive the same highly-skilled individuals from us that you would receive from other providers. However, our rates are more cost-effective, and our consultants only have one agenda—to be an internal champion for your company. Many firms place talent in companies to gain on-the-job training about an application, module, or system. Our candidates already have that expertise.

We hope that this has given you some food for thought. Since 1998, we have built a respected reputation as trusted advisors delivering and supporting Supply Chain needs, SAP initiatives, application development, and business intelligence solutions. To learn more about how our services and expert consultants can help your IT initiatives, or for general questions, please contact us today.


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