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When we first visited this topic in 2016, we saw a pattern of data becoming the driving force in the industry. This couldn’t be truer today than it was then. Big data is making significant headway and is coming to an office near you. But, have the trends in technology analytics changed since we discussed it in 2016? It certainly has in a big way. Here are the top trends in data analytics.

Cloud Computing

If your company hasn’t visited the cloud and transitioned all its data to it, you will soon. This year is becoming the year that companies like yours make the switch to cloud analytics and data storage. With the myriad of applications and data possibilities available from the cloud, your business can’t afford not to jump on the bandwagon of this data trend that is heating up the industry and is here to stay.

Bots Are Back

Conversation bots are leading the internet charge, allowing consumers to interface with a chat assistant for their immediate needs. These bots allow your clients to get the information they are looking for without the need for a human interface. With the digital world taking over, the use of conventional methods of contact is taking a backseat as younger customers trend towards chatbots to get their questions answered. This data overhaul can make your business more efficient and allow your clients to have instant access to your business no matter the time of day.

Machine Learning

Adding machine learning to your business’ analytical arsenal will bring huge amounts of data your way. As you learn as much as you can about your customers’ needs, machine learning will make it easier to understand, extrapolate, and use this collected data. With machine learning in place, your business will have the data you need to make decisions that affect your customers and meet their demands. This framework is a trend that keeps moving forward and is undeniable in its capabilities to bring the information your company needs to succeed.

Personalized Customer Data

Understanding the behaviors of your customers is becoming a necessity rather than an option. The more data you can glean about their personal preferences, the better off your business will be at providing them with the right products and services at the right time. You’ll be better equipped to meet their personal preferences and exceed their expectations while your company reaps the rewards of bigger profits. This is one data analytic trend that won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

Increased Data Security

With more personal information being collected from machine learning analytics, there is a greater security risk to data threats, breaches, and attacks for companies. The need to keep the personal data of your customers secure will hit an all-time high. You’ll be crossed with the possibility of exposing your clients if you don’t take the steps necessary to protect them at all costs. With more businesses facing security issues in the past, now is the time to be proactive about your security measures to ensure that your customers are not compromised by the data collection that you are doing through analytics.

As your business moves forward, keep these analytical data trends in mind as a way to become more efficient. When you are looking to gain valuable experience from employees that know the ins and outs of data analytics, contact Resolute Technologies. Our team of experienced professionals can help match your business with the right talent at the right time. Let us show you what we can do for your company. Contact us today!

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