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Each year, employers are tasked with the challenge of finding a multi-faceted IT professional to jump aboard and handle all of its technology needs. With the tech field compounded by high demand and low unemployment rates, this is more of a difficult task than most employers realize. To find the best job candidate to add to your tech team, consider these high-demand IT skills that can boost your business going forward and help you see the returns of hiring in this field.

Cybersecurity Experience Is A Must

With the possible threat of a cyberattack happening to your business, having an IT professional that knows the latest ways to prevent these hacks is key to protecting your company. From ransomware attacks to data breaches, your tech employee needs to know the potential threats that can harm your personal and confidential data to ensure that your business remains safe at all times. Finding a tech candidate that is skilled in cybersecurity is a boon for your business as you can employ the latest technology to thwart these attacks while having the in-house expertise to implement and manage it.

Big Data Skills Are Becoming King

No matter if your business is using big data or it is on the horizon for future plans, an IT employee that has this background in it can seriously help your company. Big data is taking over businesses and making it possible to learn more about your customers than ever before. With a tech worker on your side that is skilled in big data implementation, you can increase your business intelligence and add scale to your company without adding overhead. Big data has the possibility to transform your business, giving you more information than you will possibly need. A skilled IT professional with a history in big data can make it possible for your company and help you reap the rewards of this fast-growing technology.

Mobile App Development Expertise Is A Necessity

If your business doesn’t have an app behind it, you need to consider developing one. While it is possible to have these apps created with an outside agency, having a tech member in-house that can design and develop one just makes sense. Not only do they have the skillset to do it, but they know your business better, saving you time and money to add an app to your business arsenal. While you may not see the potential of having an app in the near term, the time will come, and you will be ready with a tech expert that knows how to get you started.

Fintech Knowledge Can Take Your Business To New Level

As businesses expand into the financial field, having a tech professional that understands how financial technology works can be a huge benefit. With more transactions happening digitally now than ever before, an IT employee that has a background in FinTech can move your business forward at lightning speed. They can provide you with the ability to offer your customers better interfacing technologies no matter if they are using their phone, computer or tablet. With a FinTech-experienced staff member on your team, your company can feel the impact that financial technologies are making now and into the future.

Don’t Forget Soft Skills

Soft skills are becoming more and more important to find in a tech employee. Because these key members of your business interface with customers and your other staff, you want a personable worker. Looking for leadership skills, confidence, ability to learn, and initiative can bolster your business and keep your customers happy at the same time. Without these soft skills, the connection and relationship with your customers and staff can be lost, leaving you to wonder what went wrong. Look for a well-rounded team member that is ready to play and hit that ball out of the park when it comes to working with your clients.

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