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Warehouse management systems (WMS) are changing at a rapid pace. Gone are the days of simple storage as these WMS have progressed to advanced and complex businesses that move products at a lightning pace. This year marks a year of major developments in WMS, and these are the trends that we expect to see in the near future for distribution centers all over the country.

More Personalized Approach To Software

Software has become king to WMS capabilities. There is a need now more than ever to integrate software to handle the complicated processes of moving products with precise logistics. As more software is implemented, distribution centers will see that they are now offered technology that is specifically suited to their needs. As software becomes more customized to a WMS, it will be easier than ever for companies to retain their practices while becoming more efficient at performing daily responsibilities.

A Merge Of Warehouse Control Systems

Finally, WMS and warehouse control systems (WCS) will come together as one and allow for a more integrated approach to distribution. The realization that WMS and WCS need to come together as one system will provide the seamless operation that every distribution center has been searching for. They will be able to ensure that conveyors and sorters are made for the very employees that use them. Employees will no longer need to adapt to WMC as they will now be designed for employees to use to their benefits, making the task at hand easier than ever before.

Autonomation Take Over

More now than ever, autonomous technology is taking over. Driverless vehicles are able to help WMS progress in the future with the added manpower necessary to meet the demands of customers. These driverless robots can move product quicker, pick orders, and help throughout the supply chain to make your business more effective at its daily operations. Businesses will spend more time investing in autonomous robots to ensure that they can keep up with orders, especially with a low unemployment rate making it hard to find qualified candidates.

Affordable Robotics

With many of the WMS being smaller firms, it can be a real challenge for some businesses to incorporate the technology necessary to move into the next phase of operation. Robotics is one area where distribution centers will see prices come down, making it possible for smaller distribution companies to upgrade to the latest and greatest in technology at an affordable rate. Smaller firms will be able to enhance their operations by adding robots to do the mundane and repetitive work that has been hard to find employees to fill. This will make these companies more reliable and competitive in the marketplace as they are able to move swifter and be more flexible with their operations.

More Planning Efforts

WMS has always been a reaction business. Demands fluctuate and needs change on a daily basis. In 2019, WMS will make a concentrated effort to have a more planned approach to distribution and logistics. They will make a move to more streamlined operations and jump at the opportunities available to make their company operations perform at higher rates of quality and competitiveness.

As 2019 enters, WMS will become a priority in the marketplace as consumers demand more goods at a quicker speed. These technologies will allow distribution centers to keep up with the demand while remaining successful in the endeavors. If you are looking to add to your WMS with skilled employees, contact Resolute Technologies. Our team of experienced representatives can provide you with the right talent for the job.

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