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With the recent emergence of SAP’s S/4HANA Finance platform, businesses are able to do more with their finances than ever before as this cloud-based system allows for real-time mobile access from virtually anywhere. The finance apps that are now available for integration with the SAP ERP system allows for complete integration of accounting and business functions, making them an essential part your company’s operations. These six apps will help you analyze, review, and compute your business’ financial data through your SAP ERP system, ensuring you stay on top of your company’s fiscal needs.

SAP RealSpend: Recently launched by SAP, RealSpend allows for real-time data analysis of corporate financial reporting systems. Pulling live data from your current financial system, you can review and make decisions based on this fiscal information as it provides an accurate view of the financial health of your business. This app connects with SAP ERPs as well as third-party vendor data platforms and is one of the first S/4HANA apps to offer data without replication through cloud-based technology.

SAP Customer Financial Fact Sheet: This app is designed to connect directly to your SAP ERP system, providing a financial overview of your customers no matter where you are located. It can allow different positions within your accounting team to view relevant financial data of any customer your business is working with. You are able to see their invoices and sales orders, providing an instant view of the financial history of current and past clients.

SAP Travel Expense Approval: With travel expenses being generated by several employees within your business, this app allows for the immediate reimbursement to keep your accounting procedures flowing. With SAP Travel Expense Report, you will be able to easily manage travel expenses from anywhere and provide proper billing to customers for expenses generated from your services. This app connects directly to your SAP ERP and provides notification of pending expense report approvals, keeping you on task no matter where you are.

SAP Accounting Doc Approver: With the ability to view and manage your business’ accounting documents from anywhere, financial managers can be more effective and efficient in their approval process by incorporating the SAP Accounting Doc Approver app to their mobile device. Accounting documents can be verified through the app and approved instantly in batch mode or as a single generated invoice, allowing for complete integration with your SAP ERP system.

SAP Business One: This all in one app provides a complete overview of your operations as well as its financial data. You can view company reports as well as have full management of sales and service activities. It offers an interactive dashboard that allows you to virtually view key reports about your business’ finances as well as operational data and product inventories.

SAP Payment Approvals: Providing the ability for virtual approval, the SAP Payments Approval app, allows financial executives to stay on top of payment schedules. With the ability to review, reject, and approve payments through the app, you can instantly manage your financial procedures real-time. It also allows for the ability to incorporate your company’s policies and legal guidelines to ensure you stay within the structure and processes outlined by your business.

Adding these SAP ERP apps to your accounting department can help streamline your company’s financial operations and help you stay on top of your business’ fiscal data. Resolute Technologies can help your business develop a SAP ERP strategy that works. Contact us today to set up a consultation or to receive more information from one of our knowledgeable consultants.
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