You have one chance to make a first impression when you apply for a job. In most cases, you make your first impression with your resume. Your resume is your calling card. In less than 15 seconds, your resume determines whether you will get the chance to interview for a position or end up lost in the file cabinet.

In this age of technology, a well-written resume is even more crucial because technology may keep you from ever getting in front of human eyes. Software may screen your resume before it’s looked at by a potential employer. You may be suited for the position, but if your resume doesn’t incorporate effective keywords, the resume search tools will screen past you.

Your resume deserves proper focus, but you shouldn’t feel overwhelmed by creating it. To help ease this process, our specialists have highlighted a few important points to consider when creating your resume.

If you can afford a professional—hire one.

Don’t hire just any professional; make sure to hire someone who does more than loading your information into a template. You need someone who can really analyze your information and career goals and who can highlight your experience in a way that makes your resume stand out. A professional resume writer will also help you identify keywords for the industry in which you want to work.

Professional resumes can cost between $300 and $1,200, and you should get your money’s worth. So hire the best in the business — Robert Meier. Resolute Technologies has no formal relationship with Mr. Meier, but we know from past experience that his resumes make a significant difference for our candidates and ensure we are able to get you an interview.

Your first thought may be that you can’t afford to hire a professional resume expert. You probably have no hesitation in investing in an interview suit, hair cut, new shoes, training courses, a presentation binder, professional paper, a briefcase, or carwash, yet you aren’t thinking about investing in the one thing that can make the biggest difference in getting you the job.

You need to be just as committed to investing in your resume. As a testament to what a good resume can do, we have had hiring managers ask whether they can afford our candidates after seeing candidates’ resumes. This has happened even when the starting salary for the position was tens of thousands of dollars higher than the candidate’s current salary. For the most effective, best return on your investment, put your resources where they’ll do the most good.

If we did not convince you to hire Robert Meier (which you should), take a look at our sample resumes.

Find one you are comfortable with and rewrite it as your own. Keep in mind the resume is not about you but what you can do for your potential employer. Don’t focus on how you’re minimally eligible for the position; focus on how you’re the most suitable candidate for the company’s success.

Questions employers are looking to answer are:

  • What does this candidate bring to the table?
  • What can this candidate add to the team in the short and long term?
  • Does the candidate understand and come from my business (can they speak the geek)?
  • Has this candidate been successful in the past and will he or she continue to be successful for my team? – Are you a Super Star, Rock Star, or A Player?
  • What makes this candidate unique?
  • What is this candidate’s work ethic DNA?

Sample Entry Level Resume

Sample Technical Resume