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The More the Merrier?
More revenue. More productivity. There are certainly areas where “more” is desirable, from increasing innovation to speedier workflows. However, there are areas where having more is not helpful, and may even be damaging. Relationships, for example, do not benefit from excess—and this is especially true in business relationships. One common business issue arises when companies need to fill an open position and tap an external recruiter for assistance. Some companies are attempting to enhance their search by partnering with more than one hiring agency. When choosing a recruitment strategy, going with more than one external agency can result in significant complications—and these may even damage your company’s reputation or hinder your applicant search. Here’s why…

Too Many Cooks…
One common misconception is that using multiple recruiting agencies will result in a broader pool of candidates to choose from: If one recruiter has access to 10 candidates, then two would have twice the access. However, this is usually not the case—after all, just like any other company, recruiting agencies typically specialize in certain fields and skill sets. Their relationships are characteristically with individuals and organizations that specialize in either serving those with, or delivering, those types of skills. While it is possible to expand the search somewhat, it is not likely that the recruiters will be able to find twice as many applicants for your open position—but it is possible that they may locate several of the exact same job seekers for the position.

Hot Potato?
Studies show that the job market is a job-seeker’s market. As the economy heats up, there will be increased competition for talent—and job seekers will become progressively more likely to proceed cautiously towards a potential offer. Job seekers may have connections with multiple recruiters—and this is where part of the problem lies. When a candidate is contacted by multiple recruiters for the same position, it raises a red flag. It may make the open position seem less desirable, since it seems that multiple recruiters cannot fill the position. Working with one agency avoids this issue entirely and helps to bolster the hiring company’s profile.

Seeds of Yesterday, Flowers of Tomorrow
The recruiting agency is a partner in building your business up through its most important asset—the employees. A high-quality recruiter will be heavily invested in industry relationships. The recruiter will not only have years of experience in the industry, but will also have built up a solid relationship with organizations and other businesses involved in the industry. These relationships give the agents natural, organic access to industry trends, hiring issues, and a considerable pool of applicants with specialized knowledge. In turn, the recruiter constructs a reputation for connecting only the best talent to its clients—further attracting quality applicants. Since the recruiting agency is invested in building relationships, it will logically want to build a strong, mutually-beneficial relationship with their clients. This growing relationship not only helps the recruiter understand the client’s needs, but also allows for them to quickly and successfully meet the client’s expectations.

Relying on only one external recruiting agency to help fill an open position places your business in the optimal position of nurturing a mutually-beneficial business relationship. By building a relationship with an agency that specializes in your company’s needs, you can ensure that the applicants walking through the door are top-notch. Working with a single agency boosts your company’s image and ensures that you have access to talent. If you have questions about finding the right type of placement company, or are interested in starting a search for an open position, please contact us today.

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