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With the ability to automate tasks and connect communities, AI (Artificial intelligence) is moving forward at a rapid clip, integrating into virtually every aspect of life. This year alone, AI has amassed to a global industry worth $7.35 billion, and it is only expected to grow with 2025 predictions placing it at over an $85 billion market, according to Statista. As AI makes its way into your daily routine, here are some ways that AI is breaking the mold and trending in the technology sector.

More Consumer Influence

With the launch of voice-command products such as Alexa and Echo, consumers are becoming more comfortable talking to devices rather than humans. With these AI-enhanced devices, consumers have all the information and tools they need right at their fingertips. The growth of voice-command technologies that integrate AI will continue to grow, and consumers will readily accept this as the norm.

Growing Demand For AI-Intelligent Employees

For one of the first times in history, the demand for engineers will slow as companies look for job candidates that are data-driven. The need for machine learning and AI integration will require positions to be filled by data scientists that can interpret data and provide companies the technology intelligence they need to propel into the future. These jobs will become in high-demand by businesses that want experienced and expert staff to use AI to their advantage.

Integration Into Social Media Platforms

More social media users will see the effects of AI on the platforms they use most. AI will be used to bring the information that users want to see in their feeds, cutting out the junk that many social media users bypass. AI will provide a better user experience on social media as this intelligent technology advancement predicts the likes and dislikes of social media users to provide posts that are worthier of reading.

Content Creation For Businesses

Gone are the days of laboring over written content and video enhancements as AI allows for the ability to create videos that accompany content without the need to spend hours, days, and weeks to create it. This development will allow businesses to provide better and quicker content to its visitors, increasing its presence on the internet and through search engine results. Video generation will assist companies in providing more effective content in a more efficient way without time-consuming labor to do so.

More Efficient Job Responsibilities

As AI moves into the workplace, many professionals may be concerned that their job will be eliminated as a result. While some companies will downsize because of the capabilities of AI, others will use the technology to reduce responsibilities as AI takes over mundane tasks at record speeds. Workers will see their job role become easier and faster as AI helps to manage and automate many tasks.

Better Employee Training

With AI’s ability to interpret data and provide information in a concise and consistent way, many workers will see the training that they receive from their employer get better. AI will provide instant feedback and constant learning for employees, making it easier than ever to ramp up a new team of workers with little to no effort by businesses around the world. This will provide new and existing employees the training they need without using resources that are already limited at companies.

Stronger Logistics

For logistic companies, AI will provide a more streamlined approach to move goods within a warehouse and on the road. Using robotics and more accurate data, AI will help many logistic companies reduce overhead and operate with limited crews as AI takes the guesswork out of planning, managing, and controlling loads. AI will help these companies become more operationally successful as they have the tools and information they need to have a better handle on their business.

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