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The holiday season is upon us and now more than ever, you need to find a way to get it all done. You may feel overwhelmed by the last push of the year at work combined with all the details that need to be wrapped up for the holidays. There is hope! You can find a healthy work-holiday balance that allows you to enjoy this joyous time of year.

Take Some Time For Yourself

When you are feeling the pinch of the holiday season, it can be easy to get lost in the minutia of the day. Stop the madness and make some time for yourself, don’t think that you can’t or don’t have a spare minute. Planning a spot in your day just for you can give you the breather you need and help you overcome the stress that is building up. Schedule yourself some “me time” just like you would any other appointment and do not miss it no matter what.

Prioritize, Prioritize, Prioritize

The office can get the better of you even on the best of days. Come up with a plan to attack the work you have ahead. Prioritize your day and check off those tasks that need to be done. Think about what responsibilities you can delegate and or leave to the following year. Not everything will or can get done in the time you have remaining for the year. You have to learn what is important and what can fall by the wayside without interrupting your business operations.

Get Some Much-Needed Sleep

Most busy professionals aren’t getting enough sleep, and you may be one of them. Sleep is a key component of reducing stress, and most of us are not getting enough of it. Stop depriving yourself of sleep and get the sleep hours you need each day. You will feel more in charge of your day and have the energy you need to get everything done – even during the holidays.

Plan A Getaway

As counterintuitive as it sounds, planning a getaway is the much-needed mental break you require from it all. You may think there is no time in your life to sneak away, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Planning some time off can help you recharge your batteries and feel refreshed so you can face the end of the year stress-free. You will be amazed at how great it feels to drop everything even if it means only one day off from the rat race.

Learn To Say No

No is the most powerful word that a busy professional can use. It will allow you time to focus on what really matters. Start saying no to projects or events that you don’t have the time or interest in attending. This will finally free up your time to do the things that you want even if it means holiday shopping.

Squeeze In A Workout

Yes, you can find time to work out. The benefits of working out are so significant that it can literally cut that stress out of your life completely. You will be able to get your aggressions out with some cardio or kickboxing or even take a short walk to collect your thoughts. No matter your exercise preference, you can gain some serious stress relief with a little sweat equity. You’ll feel better and have more energy to tackle anything that comes your way.

Don’t let the holidays bog you down. You can find a work-life balance that puts you in the mood for the festivities. Start your holidays with a bang by expanding your team from the tech talent pool that Resolute Technologies has to offer. We have expert staff that can pair your business with the right skillset to help it thrive now and into the coming year. Contact us today to see what we can do for your company.

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