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Changes within a company are never easy. Whether it is a merger, acquisition, or change of leaders, it can cause some anxiety for your staff. They may have questions, concerns or may be genuinely concerned about their role within the company. As a manager, it is your job to calm these fears and assure your team that the changes within your company are all for the better. These tips can help you effectively get your employees on board…

Keep An Open Eye And Ear

It may sound elementary, but keeping your eyes and ears open during a significant change for your company can make you more efficient at dealing with issues as they arise. Your team may be confused and scared about what is to come. By thwarting the negative talk early, you can prevent untruths from occurring before they fester and turn your corporate culture toxic. Listen for rumors and be upfront about what is to happen now and into the future for your business.

Listen To Concerns

Your employees will certainly have some concerns about the changes that are on the horizon. If you are available and open to listening to these concerns, you can make your staff feel more at ease. Let your team voice their concerns and allow them to speak openly and freely about what they have heard and expect to occur. Dispel those rumors and communicate to your staff about how the changes in your company will affect them, their responsibilities, and their position. The more your staff is able to engage and talk about how they feel, the easier it will be for them to accept what is to come ahead without jumping ship.

Remain Positive

As a leader in your company, show your team that the changes that are being implemented are for the better. Your business may be more competitive, have more resources or a better financial backbone with an acquisition, merger or buy-out. Stay positive and show your team what benefits will come from these changes. Being positive can continue to motivate your team and allow them to see that their job is still an important part of your organization’s move forward.

Keep Your Team Up-To-Date

As news comes of the impending changes to your business, keep your team up-to-date and informed. The more information you can share with your staff, the better they will feel about what is ahead. Withholding details can cause panic and chaos before a change is about to happen. If your employees understand that they will continue to play a key role within your company the better equipped they will be to handle the changes that are pending.

Changes do not have to be difficult for you company if you are actively involved with your staff and help them to understand why they are necessary. As you company undergoes these changes, it may be time to add new members to your team to handle the additional responsibilities that are ahead. Help your company expand and grow with the help of Resolute Technologies, we can help you find the right talent to add to your thriving company, so you can continue to be successful in your business endeavors. Contact us today!

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