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The concerted drive for tech talent naturally leads to an extremely tough, competitive environment where enterprises vie for the best applicants. If you are fishing for your next big tech “catch”, here are a few tips to reel in a winner.

Mythical Beast or Great Catch?

Many employers are looking for unicorns. A “unicorn” is the perfect employee: he or she has decades of experience in every technology out there, doesn’t mind working punishing hours, and already understands your company’s culture. Unfortunately, it’s easy for hiring managers to tumble into this scenario, since it would be great to find an applicant with an extremely broad range of skills who can start being highly productive Day 1. However, unrealistic expectations coupled with the desire to keep budgets lean can result in inefficiencies and wasted time during the hiring process. Avoid chasing unicorns by tapping your tech department for a list of must-have skills—and then think about a secondary list of “nice to have” ones.

Avoid Rough Waters

Fortune’s Anne Fisher raised our consciences about another serious issue: bad tech hires. She noted that many times, these employees cost the company by leaking confidential information; they can also sabotage your current systems. These bad hires have a hand in destroying the company culture, but frequently are terminated quietly to avoid greater problems. Fisher recommends that you sidestep these toxic techs by developing a proactive approach before the hiring process begins.

For example, enterprises should set up a referral program to ensure that new applicants have reliable references from employees you already trust. Carefully vet the resume—check every item listed, and make sure to closely examine the applicant about vague references or long time gaps. It’s particularly important to identify and make contact with all of the references given by the applicant. Of course, checking references for a tech hire will most likely involve your IT people, since you will need to make sure that the right questions are asked—and that the answers can be understood.

Choose Your Bait Carefully

Of course, finding the best talent is only part of the challenge: getting them to say “Yes” to your offer is another. One of our previous blogs provides tips on what to do after you extend the offer letter to land your star applicant. Many tech employees are interested in on-going training, opportunities for advancement, and the chance to work with new technologies. Preparing a job offer with these aspects in mind will significantly increase your chances of landing “the big one”.

Don’t Go Alone

If calling every reference on an applicant’s resume or pulling your best people off of important projects doesn’t sound like it will help your company’s bottom line, then Resolute Technologies can help you. We have a proven track record for successfully helping companies understand their tech needs and identifying the best applicants to meet those needs. We can help you attain the best fit for your teams now, allowing you to sidestep the competition and get projects moving quickly. Resolute Technologies is always ready to assist you in your search for highly qualified tech talent.


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