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According to a survey by Monster Insights, job seekers are looking for more than just a paycheck these days as benefits have become just as important as earnings. With experience-seeking Millennials in the workforce compounded by a low unemployment rate, businesses need to do more than ever to attract job candidates. These top benefits are what job seekers are currently looking for from their next employer, and without them, your company may find it challenging to retain and find new employees.


Healthcare remains a top priority for job candidates that are looking to have the medical, dental, and vision insurance coverage they need for themselves and their family. With the rising costs of healthcare, job seekers are looking for affordable coverage with plenty of extras that can boost their total pay structure. These potential employees are looking to maximize their earnings and healthcare coverage can provide a much-needed boost to your business’ overall benefits package.

Vacation Time

Time off is also important to job seekers as they look to spend more time with their family as well as enjoy the activities they have worked so hard to afford. Giving your employees time off to enjoy themselves is key to attracting new staff to your workplace. Having a ridged vacation plan can turn a potential job candidate off as they want to have the opportunity to be away from work when the need calls.


More and more employees are looking to have flexibility with their work schedule. With a myriad of details to attend to every day, it is important to job candidates to have the flexibility to take the few hours they need to attend their child’s soccer game or school play. Preventing your employees from taking these small leaves from work can only make them frustrated with the structure created at your company. Having flexibility in their hours, as long the work gets down, can go a long way in retaining your current staff and garnering the attention of new workers.

Telecommute Options

Besides flexibility, more job candidates are looking for remote work options. The ability to work from home appeals to workers as they can avoid the hustle and bustle of the city. With as many as 43 percent of the workforce working in some form of a telecommuting role, the need to offer remote position as an option to employees is growing, according to The New Your Times. Giving your new hires and employees this benefit can help your business be more productive as employees are able to work in an environment they can thrive in.

Corporate Wellness Plans

Corporate wellness plans are more than just a phase as job candidates want these benefits to help them reduce stress and have a healthy lifestyle. From gym memberships to in-office massages, potential employees are gravitating towards companies that have the foresight to offer benefits that are geared towards health beyond the traditional benefits of insurance coverage. Offering a corporate wellness plan could put your business front and center with prospective workers, making your company a top choice when accepting a new job.

Retirement Plans

It’s all about retirement for job seekers as planning for the future becomes even more important in their minds. Having a matching 401K or profit sharing can sway a job candidate in your direction and help them see the value of working at your business. Giving employees a reason to stay with your company long-term can help you from going through the hassles of hiring and training as you are able to keep your staff in place with the retirement offerings you provide.

Benefits can help your business move to the top of the heap with job applicants as they look to work for an employer that offers more than great pay. When you are looking to grow your team or add a new skill set, contact Resolute Technologies. It has the experience you are looking for in matching the right job candidate to your business. Contact us today.

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